Monday, June 27, 2011

The name of this Hanumandada is "Mantavala Hanuman". This place is located just nearby IIM, Ahmedabad. The temple is located at the crossroad of IIM Ahmedabad. There is a belief that if a devotee of Hanumandada offers a coconut to him then his/her wishes will fulfll soon. It had a small white marble idol of Hanumandada, which is installed at the base of the tree. Instructions are written outside the temple, that women should not apply sindoor to Hanumandada, who is surrounded by idols of Nandi facing a Shiva-Linga, Saibaba, Shri Ganesha and Aai Shree Khodiyar Mata. Lots of people are coming here on Saterday & Tuesday and people are standing in long ques just for offering a coconut to Hanumandada for fulfilling their wishes.

Here it is the snap of "Camp Hanuman" which is located in Ahmedabad Cantonment area in Shahibaug. It is one of the most famous & the biggest temple of India. It is said that this temple was established by Pandit Gajanan Prasad around 100 years ago [Source: wikipedia]. I heard that almost 100 years back there was a small village & the place where right now the temple is situated was the farm land and it was situated near to bank of Sabarmati river. At that time one big earthquake ocuured at this place and the idol of Hanumandada came automatically from that farm land. Moreover I found some interesting facts about this temple from its website. I found that "In the kingdom of English, Camp Hanumanji Temple was known as Jalalpur Village Hanumanji Temple. In Ahmedabad City Gayakvad Haveli was army cant. From there, English established an army quarter near Hanuman Temple. Their hospital was near temple. One English Executive proposed to shift the temple to the priest of the temple. However the devotee and priest refused. English got demolished four inns near temple, demolished small temples and on receiving order for demolishing Hanumanji Temple, millions of black and yellow wasps surrounded the wall for protection. English executive sent labors till one week. However the wasps attacked only on labors. Viewing this, the English executive had to reluctantly change his decision perceiving this a miracle of Shri Hanumanji Dada to the effect that the temple will only lie here. Before development of Ahmedabad thousands of devotees were availing required fruits by heartily prayer to God. Event today the god bestows success and inner wish of everyone.

The above historical event was described in detail in a book Shri Camp Hanumanji by Vandanaben Shukal , Shastrinagar, Ahmedabad, Vikram Sanvat 2039, year 1983. Akhatrij.

The first woman prime minister, on being victor in election came for viewing by her free in Shri Camp Hanumanji Temple together with Shri Madhavsinhji Solanki and Ghanshyam Pandit on 9th March 1980, Sunday."

Friends you can find more details from its website :

Hey this is another an amazing place of Hanuman dada and its said that the height of hanuman dada's statue is an approx 58-60 feet. The name of this place is Vasaniya Mahadev and it's opposite of Sun temple of vasan village situated near Mansa in Gandhinagar. Its almost 45-50 kms away from Ahmadabad. In the premises of this temple a very big garden is there whose name they kept "Ashok Vaatika". In Ramayan where sita mata kept by Ravan was also "Ashok Vaatika" which was located in Shrilanka.

Its really a very nice place and many people are coming over here on a daily basis and even on day of Kali Chaudash, hanumanji's havan also doing every year. Many people are participating in that havan. Its my personal experiance that I always feel very calm and relax at this place.

The name of this place is "Lodara" and it is located on the main road of Ahmadabad to Mahaudi. It is almost 15 kms away from Grambhaarti Chokadi. Its very old temple and this temple has many activities. Here I just would like to give some information about the temple which I got from its website that: -"In the year 1942, His Holy and Reverend (Saint) Shri Balramdasji Maharaj, (reverently called as “Mota [senior] Bapji”), established a Temple and an Aushadhalaya (a shop/store of Ayurvedic Medicines and Preparations) in the name Shri Balahanuman Ashram, with the object of providing social services to the society in general and to the poor and needy persons in particular and after that in the year of 1963, Ayurved Vikas Mandal was established. Shri Balahanuman Ashram & Ayurved Vikas Mandal is two distinct but complementary organizations under on roof. The activities of the Ashram (a hermitage of persons devoted to meditation), under his auspices, include running Ayurvedic Dispensary, maintaining Gaushala (stable for milk-giving cattle, mainly the cows), and Sanskrit Pathshala (school). The Aushadhalaya has been conducting research and manufacturing and making patent Ayurvedic preparations and medicines, some of which are proved much effective where the allopathic medicines and therapies have failed. The formulas of these Ayurvedic preparations and medicines are so ancient and proven that they are used as standard medicines, rather than using them on trial and error basis. For the supervision, coordination and control of all these activities His Holy and Reverend Saryudasji (reverently called as “Nana [junior] Bapji”) has been assisting him." 

I used to come at this place twice or thrice a year as whenever I go to Mahaudi, I always visit this place. The hanumanji over here called as "Bala hanuman". Every kali chaudash a big havan is organized here and in thousands of people are coming over here to participate in that havan. The "Sat" of this place is a lot and its said that here Hanumanji is "Saakshat".

For further information you can visit its website:

Jhand Hanuman
This is an ancient palace and its almost more than 5500 years old idol of hanuman dada located in the forest of Jhambughauda. Its 200 kms away from Ahmadabad and 100 kms away from Baroda. This place is 30 kms away from Pavagarh. Its b/h the big mountain of Pavagarh and its better known as Jhambughauda Forest. Its said that "Pandvaas" stayed here for long time and the idol of hanuman automatically embossed on big rock. Bhim was doing pujas pf Hanumandada and he married Hidamba at this place only. Its a lovely place and monsoon is the best time to visit. As per a story tale this place was known as Hidamba Van in Mahabharat's time. The hanumanji is knowing as Jhand Hanuman for two reasons as the height of his idol is 19 feet and the name of this village is "Jhand".

I have visited this place whose name is "Bhumapura" almost 4 years back when I was coming back from Changa to my home. I was pursuing an MBA at that time and I was coming back to A'bad for a campus interview and I have always been seen the board of this hanuman dada on A'bad to Mehmdabad road when I was passing from here but never seen the temple. On that day suddenly I went there and saw the temple. It was really a great experience to be there at that time. I prayed for Job as well as for good results in Final semester of MBA and guess what? I got the job and good result. Since from that day I regularly visit this temple. Its almost 44 kms away from A/bad and its located few kms before Mehmdabad. Bhumapura is the name of that village and Hanuman dada is known as "Bhumapura's Hajara Hajur Hanuman". This is really a nice place to visit even its near from A'bad, Vidhyanagar, Nadiad, Aanand, Gandhinagar. On saterday and tuesday thousands of people are visiting this place.   

Another nice place of Hanuman dada is "Lambhvel" its just besides Aanand and vidhyanagar. Its said that its almost more than a 100 years old temple and the idol of hanumanji is almost of 450 years old. I have also visited this place when I was in MBA and at that tiem I was living in a village called Valetva which is very nearer to Vidhyanagar and at that time I have visited this place. I read an article regarding this at that time and I was so curious to see this temple. I frequently visit this place and on saterday and tuesday many boys and girls from Aanad and Vidhyanagar coming here. Its said that the idol of hanuman is "Swayambhu" means that the idol automatically came outside from earth with big bang.


Here is the snap of "Harni's Bhidbhanjan Hanuman". Harni is the small village in Vadodara where at the bank of Vishwamitra River. I have visited this temple many time and Its really a very nice place to visit. I got some information from an article which was published on website that  -' This is the auspicious residing place of "SWAMBHU HANUMANJI" Since "Tretayug". '

I got following information from this website that Maharaja of Vadodara frequently visit this place and the devotees of hanumanji regularly doing "Bhajan-Kirtan" over here. Its said that an idol of Hanuman is since Tretayug [Since Ramayan's time]. It's a swayambhu idol means it was automatically came out from earth with big bang.

Again a very nice place to visit and you will definitely fell the presence of Hanuman dada over here and you can visit it's website and can get more information about it - 

This is the biggest temple of Hanuman dada in India and its a world famous temple. The name of this place is "Sarangpur" and its almost 150 kms away form Ahmadabad. The name of this Hnauman dada is "Kashtabhanjan Hanuman". Once upon a time when Swaminarayan Guru Shri Gopalananad has visited Botad village which is very nearer to this place. One of his devotee has requested him to visist "Sarangpur" and to do some activities for welfare of villagers. He has drawn one picture of Hanuman dada and ordered to made Hanuman dada's idol as per that drawing. Once idol was made Guru Shri Gopalanand Swami stood infront of   Hanuman dada's idol and was trying to do Pranprathishta at that time the big idol of Hanuman dada was started to shaking and almost the situation was created where hanuman dada might hive given "Sakshat Darshan" but one of the devotee has stopped Swami. Here its said if any one is suffering from any kinds of pain and is he/she visits this place then he/she will be free from all pains. You can get more details from its website:

"Jay Kashtabhanjan Hanuman ki" 

Another very famous temple of Hanuman dada is of Khadia, Ahmadabad. The name of this temple is "Visa Hanuman" and its located at Desai's pole, Khadia in Ahmadabad. This temple is almost 400 Years old temple and its said that any person who is not able to get visa will get visa much faster and easily if he/she offers some prayer to hanuman dada over here. The devotees of this place believe that the success ratio is 100% without any fees/costs. Many people believing that its not like this hanuman helps in getting Visa only but if any devotee prays him from the bottom of his/her heart then Hanuman dada will definately fulfill his/her wishes.    

Another very famous temple of hanuman dada is "Mehandipur wale Balaji" Here I put two pics and you can easily see the major differences in these two pics. In first one pic the photographer has captured the picture of Hanuman dada where the idol of hanuman dada is eating the "laddoo's" and he is very happy and in other pic he is looking quite aggressive.  Friends I have seen its website where I saw many different pics of Hanuman dada and that to of the same idol. You can also visit its website and find more details regarding it. Now this pics prove themselves that Hanuman Dada is living in Kalyug and he is showing his Divine "Chamatkar". Website:

Another very ancient idol of Hanuman dada in Oran village, Gandhinagar. This place is almost 9 kms away form Mahaudi and it is located on the bank Sabarmati river. Many years ago one "Maharaj" whose name was "Bapa Sita Ram" and he came from Uttar Pradesh. He was roaming in the forest and suddenly he found the idol of Hanuman dada near Sabarmati river. The idol was laid down and just for keeping that idol on its feet, that "Maharaj" has done "Tap" for almost 12 years in that forest by standing on his one leg. He was just chanting Shree Ram and Jay Hanuman only. Its said that the idol is almost from "Mahabharat's" time. I visited this place almost thrice. Here there is one "Gada" of Hanuman dada whose weight is 50 kgs and that maharaj was doing exercise with this "gada" on a daily basis. If you will visit this place and if you will look at the idol you will find that Hanuman dada is looking at you only. Its a nice place to visit and its almost 80 kms away from Ahmedabad.